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GMB Scotland's Own Law Firm UnionLine Scotland  0300 333 0303

UnionLine Scotland - Put 0300 333 0303 in your phone now!

You can call us about any employment law or personal injury law problem and we will provide legal advice if you are a GMB member.UNIONLINE Scotland logo

Our employment law service provides complete advice and representation to GMB members at no cost – if you are worried about anything at work, then call us. Our accident and injury service is also free of charge* to GMB members and their families. Don’t call a number you have seen on the TV or in an advert, call UnionLine Scotland.

UnionLine Scotland can offer something no other service can give you – 100 per cent of your damages with no deductions for GMB members and their families. No other service can offer you that: THEY WILL ALWAYS MAKE A DEDUCTION. UNIONLINE Scotland never will. All of your compensation goes to you as a GMB member.

Worried about debt, or a bad landlord? Call UnionLine Scotland. Whatever problems you have we will try and help you, providing quality local legal advice. So put 0300 333 0303 in your phone and remember, GMB is your union and this is your union law firm. It is not out to make a fast buck, its job is to provide the best legal service in the country to GMB members.” *Subject to rule


All personal injury claims for members are covered – accidents at work, industrial diseases, road traffic accidents, street accidents, holiday accidents – you name it, it’s covered. And family members are covered too for road traffic accidents, street accidents and holiday accidents. If you run a claim through the GMB Union Law Firm UnionLine Scotland, you’ll keep every penny of your compensation – there are no costs and no deductions.

To make a Personal Injury Claim you can ring the freephone number – 0300 333 0303 – and register your claim.


If you are unlucky enough to be injured in an accident through no fault of your own or you are suffering from a disease that has been caused by your work, you are entitled to full legal representation through your GMB membership. Accident cover is provided to GMB members and their families provided that

    • The member has contacted the Accident Freephone Number
    • The Regional Secretary is satisfied that legal action should be taken
    • The granting of legal assistance is subject to the remaining provision of rule 26 (see GMB Rule Book)



GMB Union Law Firm UnionLine Scotland, specialises in asbestos and Mesothelioma claims. Call the freephone number above for advice on making a claim.

Alternatively any member who believes they may have been exposed to asbestos should contact the Legal Department on 0121 550 4888 to obtain a form for your details to be added to the Asbestos Exposure Register.


Buying or selling your house? All you have to do is telephone the number above.

SIMPLE WILLS – 0300 333 0303

GMB members and their partners can have simple wills drafted by our solicitors. All you have to do is phone the GMB freephone number above.


If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of clinical negligence, then you need advice from specialist lawyers. UnionLine Scotland has a team of highly experienced clinical negligence lawyers who will help to guide you through this complex area of law. Favourable terms for GMB members can also be secured for clinical negligence claims. For further advice please call on the number above.


If you have a non-work related personal issue you can call the freephone number above and speak, to an expert who will advise and guide you on whatever issue you have.

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