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Why Join GMB

Our organisation is dedicated to supporting and protecting the interests of our members.

We believe that everyone deserves to work in a safe and fair environment, and we are committed to advocating for workers' rights and improving the standard
What is a Trade Unionof living for all employees.

We also take an active role in negotiating collective bargaining agreements with employers, ensuring that our members have the best possible wages, benefits, and working conditions.

GMB’s job is very simple: to get the best deal possible for you.

  • Better pay, terms and conditions
  • A decent work life where workers are safe and treated with dignity
  • Better work / life balance
  • Fairness – making sure working people have their rights at work and are treated fairly and legally when there’s a problem

When you’re at work, it’s always good to know that someone is on your side - that’s our job.

 10 Reasons to Join GMB