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Overview: Show You Care

Overview: Show You Care

GMB believes it’s time to show you care about the future social care in Scotland.

Employers and politicians need to stop skirting around the problems in social care.

The crisis isn’t coming, it’s already here.

We are facing a demographic time-bomb with an ageing population that will live longer and put more pressure on the livelihoods of staff and their services.

Scotland is now in a second decade of cuts to public service funding which is cementing the ‘race to the bottom’ on standards.

Social care is mired in low pay, insecure work and basic employment rights abuses. More work, more cuts and less security; it’s not a credible prescription for the future of care.

We must change the way we look at social care and the people who are employed to deliver it. Everyone can play their part.

That’s why GMB is asking: “Show You Care”. Back our campaign for a new deal for social care workers, calling for:

  • Social care staff to be recognised and rewarded for the professionals they are
  • A regulatory framework that works the interest of staff and not against them
  • A Scottish social care agreement that covers every employee and employer

If we can improve standards for the people who work in the sector then we can raise standards for service users and their families too; a new deal where everyone benefits. 

You can read the full Show You Care report here:

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