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Falkirk Council

Dear GMB Scotland Member,

GMB Scotland in Falkirk Council – Update on Care Home Morning Break Campaign

Falkirk Council management have met with GMB Scotland and have proposed some guidelines around how the morning break will be administered. Having spoken to many workers over the last period it seems that the guidelines that management are proposing is just a continuation of previous standard practice.

The overwhelming positive here is that the Council are formally recognising that this break is part of your terms and conditions, whereas previously some management insisted that the break was an informal arrangement that could be revoked at any time.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the break would have been lost if not for the GMB Scotland members across every care home that engaged with us throughout this campaign, gave evidence at the grievance hearing and helped us coordinate visits and recruit new members. A clear demonstration that when we’re moving collectively under the banner of a campaigning trade union we can win.

In Solidarity,

Raymond Smith

GMB Scotland Convener

P.S. Our understanding is that these guidelines will be briefed out by local management but you can get in touch with me at if you have any questions regarding this.

Dear GMB Scotland Member,

GMB Scotland in Falkirk Council – Collective Grievance Update, Morning Break Reinstated! 

A few months ago it came to GMB Scotland’s attention that the workers in every Falkirk Council Care Home had been instructed that they were no longer permitted to take a 15-minute morning break, something that has been a longstanding part of their daily working life. This order was handed down without any consultation with the Trade Unions and without any consideration of the impact it would have on your hardworking colleagues in the Care Homes.

This unfair imposition by management provoked GMB Scotland to run a campaign that sought the reinstatement of the morning break for the Falkirk Council Care workers.

We were the only Trade Union to take this issue on.

A collective grievance was lodged and after strong representations by GMB Scotland it was successful; the morning break is being reinstated in every care home.

We are meeting with management on September the 18th about how the morning break will be administered but we will be pushing them to get this issue concluded as quickly as possible.

It is in every GMB Scotland members interest that we are growing in Falkirk Council. This makes us stronger in the workplace and if we are stronger in the workplace we can more effectively fight to advance your interests and defend your terms of employment when they are under attack.

Speak to your colleagues and encourage them to join if they are not a member.

In Solidarity

Raymond Smith

GMB Scotland Convener

To join online by direct debit follow the link or if you have a colleague who would prefer to have their subs taken directly from their wages contact me on and I can arrange a visit to their workplace.