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Services Threatened As Local Government Starved Of Funds

Services Threatened As Local Government Starved Of Funds
Wednesday 26 April 2017 Morning Star Features

Gary Smith urges Scotland’s political elite to address the growing disconnect between themselves and ordinary working people

The snap general election has snatched the spotlight from the imminent local government elections in Scotland but the debate over the future of our local services should be one that goes to the very heart of the political discourse. 

The last decade has been wretched for council services, jobs and pay. For dedicated public servants working across our councils, delivering the services on which our communities depend — the bin collectors, the home carers, the school cleaners — it’s been a decade of real-terms pay cuts and redundancies.

Scotland’s austerity shame is evidenced in our rubbish strewn neighbourhoods, pot holed roads, pit stop care services and crumbling civic amenities. Click to read the full artical.