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GMB Scotland Women – A Year In Review

GMB Scotland Women – A Year In Review

After an inspirational 2016; Cath Murphy, GMB Scotland Branch Secretary was awarded the GMB’s inaugural Eleanor Marx award at GMB Congress in Bournemouth and the STUC Women’s Conference Meritorious Award. GMB Scotland held its first Women’s Conference in November which was a great success and Annette Drylie, GMB Branch Secretary took over as Chair of the STUC Women’s Committee.

2017 started with GMB Scotland’s Women’s Leadership & Development Programme. Delivered by Gillian Neish and Mary Parker of Neish Training, the programme was specifically targeted at GMB members, with a clear focus on supporting women. Enabling them to consider what it means to be a leader today and the implications for them as women and as GMB members.

GMB Scotland members were joined by experienced union activists and Officials to hear and learn from their experience.  Jude Brimble and Rehana Azam, GMB’s first women National Secretaries we’re there to talk about their experiences as were Karen Leonard, GMB Scotland Organiser and Louise Gilmour, GMB Scotland’s first female Senior Organiser.

Everyone that attended thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and went away fully motivated and inspired.

Annette Drylie, GMB Scotland Branch Secretary Chaired the 90th STUC Women’s Conference, in Glenrothes, Fife.

GMB Scotland’s delegation seen here with Kathleen Walker-Shaw, GMB European Officer: Grace Vallance, June Minnary, Anne Dean, Kathleen Walker-Shaw, Cath Murphy, Linda Walker, Annette Drylie, Chair, Mary Finn & Brenda Carson who will be 2nd Vice Chair for 2018. Annette and Anne will also form part of the STUC Committee for 2018.

In November GMB Scotland sent a delegation to the first GMB National Women’s Conference in Liverpool.

This year’s GMB Scotland’s Women’s Conference was held at the STUC on Saturday 2 December. Monica Lennon MSP, talked about the Proposed Period Poverty Bill,  preceded by the short film, Free Period written and directed by Alison Piper.  Phyllis Craig MBE, Clydeside Action on Asbestos, spoke about The Epidemic of Asbestos-Related Disease: The Killer That Surrounds Us.  Ann Henderson, Abortion Rights Campaign Scottish Committee spoke about the anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act and Hazel Nolan, GMB Scotland Organiser spoke about Equal Pay.

There were workshops on, Personal Cyber Safety run by external trainers Craig Steele Digital and GMB Women through history delivered by Rhea Wolfson, GMB Scotland Officer.

“I’m far better informed regarding the work that is going on.  This is my first GMB conference, it won’t be my last! Thank you to all I’ve enjoyed the day very much!”

GMB Scotland’s Women a powerful force to be reckoned with, here’s to 2018.