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Ferguson Marine Member Communication 2607

26 July 2019 

Dear Colleague

On Thursday, 25 July 2019, your trade union representatives met once again with the Scottish Government to seek further clarification of the on-going impasse between CMAL and Ferguson Marine Ltd.

It has now reached a critical point where it is clear that the company will need to come up with a viable commercial proposition to enable the company to remain in private ownership.

The Scottish Government have been consistent in the previous discussions and again yesterday demonstrated that, should a commercial solution not be found, then they would support the workers by protecting your jobs and the local community that relies on them by taking the company into public ownership (nationalisation).  We will be seeking further meetings to understand what this could look like but we are, of course, in support of any solution that protects your livelihoods.

We also want to pay tribute to your Shop Stewards for the work they are doing on your behalf.  Your Shop Stewards have a really tough job to do and they really are doing an excellent job fighting to secure the future of the yard and with it your livelihoods.

We would ask you to thank them for their invaluable contributions they are making to protect you the workers.

Yours sincerely