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Equal Pay Hasn’t Gone Away

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

GMB Scotland Media Calling Notice: Equal Pay Hasn’t Gone Away

Where: Glasgow City Council Chambers, Main Entrance (George Square)

When: 10.00 hours, Thursday 31 March 2022

For immediate distribution: Wednesday 30 March 2022

Workers warning ahead of last full council meeting: “Equal pay hasn’t gone away”

Equal pay claimants from across Glasgow City Council services will gather outside the city chambers tomorrow (Thursday 31 March) to deliver a message to councillors before the final full meeting of the council before May’s elections: “Equal pay hasn’t gone away.”

Two days of strike action originally planned for earlier this week were suspended by union members, following assurances from Council Leader Susan Aitken that the terms of agreement for 2019’s £500 million-plus settlement would be maintained for negotiations over interim payments. 

However, with unions expecting a plan to be put in place for the delivery of interim and new equal pay claims ahead of the next scheduled strike dates on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 April, claimants are keeping up the pressure on the council ahead of the local elections.

GMB Scotland Organiser Sean Baillie said:

“The suspension of strikes following Susan Aitken’s intervention doesn’t lift the pressure on the council because expectations are now greater that they will finally make good on the settlement of interim and new claims.

“This leap of faith made by thousands of women who continue to be discriminated against by the council must be respected, and that means the council leader working with the joint claimants to put in place the plan for a negotiated settlement.

“Time is tight ahead of strikes scheduled for next month, but our members recognise that there can be no let-up with the employer because everything they have achieved has been done through their own organisation and industrial strength.

“That’s why they will be outside the council chambers tomorrow with a loud and clear message that every councillor would be wise to take on board: “Equal pay hasn’t gone away”.


Contact: GMB Scotland Organiser Sean Baillie 07813 593996 or GMB Scotland Communications on 07976 447077.