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Equal Pay Strikes in Glasgow City Council

Tuesday, March 15, 2022


 Fresh Glasgow equal pay strikes over council delay on interim payments


GMB Scotland has this afternoon (Tuesday 15 March) confirmed that thousands of workers with equal pay claims against Glasgow City Council will take strike action later this month.


Home carers, school cleaners and caterers, and parking services will start two days of action from 00.01 hours Tuesday 29 March until 23.59 Wednesday 30 March, with a further two days also scheduled from 00.01 hours Wednesday 20 April until 23.59 Thursday 21 April.


GMB Scotland Organiser Sean Baillie said:


“The council’s officials have dithered and delayed for nearly a year on bringing forward an offer for interim payments owed to our members with equal pay claims.


“Put yourself in the position of a home carer or school cleaner who has worked throughout the pandemic knowing they are still being discriminated against by their employer, while highly paid officials who worked from home try to shift the goalposts on paying their liabilities.


“It’s totally unacceptable and there should be no misunderstanding whatsoever in the council about why our members have demanded moving to fresh waves of strike action.


“The council must meet its obligations to these workers by tabling an offer for the settlement of interim payments and new claims, so that we can move forward to replace the discriminatory pay and grading system and bring this scandal to a close.”




Contact: GMB Scotland Organiser Sean Baillie on 07813 593996 or GMB Scotland Communications on 07976 447077.