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GMB Ballots For Strike At Drax

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Potential Sewage Back Up And Power Outages As GMB Ballots For Strike At Drax

GMB Scotland is balloting workers for strike action at three sites run by energy producer Drax in a pay dispute which could lead to the first strike in energy generation for decades.

The ballot will run for three weeks from 1 February with possible industrial action set to the take place from 8 March.

Strike action and an overtime ban could be taken at the Daldowie site which converts sewage into biomass pellets. The site takes in the majority of the sewage for the west of Scotland. Strike action could create an environmental crisis through a build up of waste with the only place for it to go is landfill.

Workers at Drax’s Hydro sites at Cruachan in Loch Awe and Stonebyres in Lanark are also being balloted for action.

Drax reported profits of £122million for 2021 which increased to £200million for the six months ending on 30 June 2022 – a fourfold increase from the first half of 2021.

Joint trade unions rejected an initial 6% offer. A new offer of just 8% has been made despite the company’s healthy profits, but workers have demanded an increase in line with inflation to avoid a real terms pay cut.

Commenting, GMB Scotland Organiser, Claire Greer said:

“It is derisory for Drax to make a below inflation offer when the profits our members are producing for the company have increased fourfold in a year. Our members have been clear that they will not accept anything less than a pay rise in line with inflation which is well within Drax’s means.

“Bosses are running the real risk of strike action which could lead to sewage backing up and power outages. Given the extent of disruption a strike could cause, the skill and value of our members at these sites cannot be understated and must be recognised with an improved offer.

“GMB Scotland is always open to discussions on pay. But these must be meaningful and match our members’ value and their expectations – not inflict on them a real terms pay cut when energy profits pile high.”


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