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GMB Calls For Political Leadership To Settle Local Government Pay Dispute

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

GMB Calls For Political Leadership To Settle Local Government Pay Dispute And Avert COP 26 Strike Action

Responding to Glasgow City Council Leader Susan Aitken’s call, in her column in the Glasgow Times, for national government to support local authorities in financially rewarding local government workers, GMB Glasgow Cleansing Convenor Chris Mitchell said:

“Last year, politicians were clapping their hands for key workers, now they are pointing their fingers at each other. Low paid workers across Scotland will be wondering why no one will take responsibility for paying us what we know we deserve.

“It is right that Susan Aitken has now backed GMB’s longstanding call for Scottish Government intervention to reward frontline heroes who, as she says, have gone above and beyond over the past 18 months.

 “But with COSLA saying they can’t pay, and Kate Forbes and the Scottish Government saying they won’t pay, we don’t seem to be any closer to an offer that would prevent strike action in the city.

 “The eyes of the world will be on Glasgow during COP 26 and hoping to see some political leadership from those attending, all we ask is that we see some from Scotland’s political class too.

 “It’s time to pay up for frontline heroes.”


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 Notes to Editors: Glasgow City Council Leader Susan Aitken’s column in today’s Glasgow Times: