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GMB Scotland Janitors In Cordia Reject Service Cluster Reforms

Monday, February 27, 2017

GMB Scotland Janitors In Cordia Reject Service Cluster Reforms

GMB Scotland janitors in Glasgow City Council arm’s length organisation, Cordia, have today (Monday 27 February) rejected proposals for the future delivery of janitorial services across the city’s schools, following a consultative ballot.

Cordia is seeking cuts of up to £11 million and is proposing the introduction of thirty operational clusters which would see the end of a dedicated on-site janitor service for every school in Glasgow.

However, GMB believes that the janitorial review proposals have not been subject to a full risk impact assessment and that implementation in its current form could leave members open to legal action while compromising school safety.

GMB Scotland Senior Organiser Tony Dowling said: “Our members are clear in their rejection of these reforms which will determine the future of their livelihoods and the provision of janitorial services across Glasgow’s schools.

Cordia need to think again on this review process because we cannot accept conditions that could leave our members at risk of dismissal or legal action as a result of cuts that are not of their making.

Against the backdrop of a £53 million budget cut for Glasgow over the next year, we know the city faces tough choices and after a decade of austerity for local government funding there is no getting around this.

What we need now are immediate talks with Cordia, councillors and head teachers to find a mutually agreeable position that meets the needs of our members and their families, while ensuring that our schools are safely maintained.”


Contact: GMB Scotland Senior Organiser Tony Dowling on 07958 477859 or Peter Welsh GMB Scotland Communications on 07976 447077.