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GMB Scotland Members At South Ayrshire Council Tell Politicians ‘Enough Is Enough’

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

GMB Scotland Members At South Ayrshire Council Tell Politicians ‘Enough Is Enough’

Local authority staff fed up with cuts and fat cat council bosses’ huge pay cheques

GMB Scotland members at South Ayrshire Council have sent a stark warning to those seeking election at May's council elections - 'We've faced enough cuts for far too long and this needs to stop.'

In a poll conducted by the union [1] staff overwhelmingly told the local authority they were fed up with cuts, job insecurity, and council fat cats earning massive pay cheques.

Many GMB members employed by South Ayrshire Council have seen their working hours cut and their pay reduced, while 138 council employees enjoy annual salaries of over £50,000.

GMB Scotland has been continually campaigning to save the last two local authority residential care homes - South Lodge and Hillcrest - at South Ayrshire Council and this campaign has focussed attention on the sustained cuts that have been happening at South Ayrshire Council over the past few years.

Paul Arkison, GMB Scotland Organiser said:

"Year on year we have seen cuts to many vital services at South Ayrshire Council including cleaning, catering and janitorial services at schools with staff in school libraries and classroom assistants having faced cuts as well.

With previous budget cuts, GMB members have already seen the damage that has been caused to services and the results from our survey shows that existing council employees feel less secure in their jobs, while at the same time an overwhelming majority have warned councillors they are unable to sustain any more cuts to local services, yet the cuts continue.

Education is one of the most important services a council provides, but what have seen continual attacks on catering, cleaning and janitorial services with further cuts on educational support services such as libraries and classroom assistants.

This survey is probably the biggest opinion poll for local politicians prior to the elections in May, and it is clear that GMB members are telling would-be councillors that 'enough is enough' and the cuts have to stop."


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Notes to editors:

[1] Over the period of February 2017, GMB Scotland asked its Members at South Ayrshire Council four questions:

  1. I) Given all the publicity around cuts to budgets of councils, do you feel less secure in your job with South Ayrshire Council?

Answer: 83% answered Yes.

  1. II) Last year GMB Scotland revealed that 138 South Ayrshire Council employees earned over £50,000 per year. Do you think this is too many?

Answer: 91% answered Yes.

III) When the council is considering cuts, do you think South Ayrshire Council is concerned about the cuts to wages and jobs when they make these decisions?

Answer: 87% answered No.

  1. IV) Council elections are being held in May; What ever party leads the council, do you agree that they have to accept that there have been enough cuts to jobs, hours of work and services?

Answer: 97% answered Yes.