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GMB Tells Scottish Government To Go Further On NHS Pay As Rejection Recommended

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

GMB Tells Scottish Government To Go Further On NHS Pay As Rejection Recommended

GMB workplace representatives in NHS Scotland and the Scottish Ambulance Service will recommend its members vote to reject the Scottish Government’s pay offer when a consultative ballot is launched next month.

The recommendation to reject comes ahead of a public demonstration by NHS nurses and staff later today (Wednesday 31 March) at George Square, Glasgow, against the Scottish Government’s pay offer for 2021-22.

GMB Scotland will launch a consultative ballot of its entire NHS Scotland and Scottish Ambulance Service membership from Monday 12 April, which will run until 12.00 hours on Wednesday 5 May.

GMB Scotland Organiser Karen Leonard said:

“The offer doesn’t value our members properly, it doesn’t restore the pay they’ve lost after a decade of cuts, and it doesn’t secure their future. That’s why are recommending its rejection.

“We see this pay offer for what it is: A pre-election punt by an outgoing Health Secretary that looks better than it really is when put up against the insulting 1 per cent increase for our NHS colleagues in England.

“It’s been a wretched year for our NHS workers and the COVID-19 pandemic has not only pushed them beyond their limits, but it’s also exposed the many underlying problems in our NHS because of its managed political decline over the last ten years.

“After all the applause, we strongly believe the Scottish Government can and should go further on our members’ pay, and it’s the least Ministers can do after everything our NHS staff have done for all of us.”


Contact: GMB Scotland Communications on 07976 447077.

Notes to Editors:

The ‘NHS Workers for Fair Pay Scotland’ Event, takes place from 12.00 hours at George Square, Glasgow, Wednesday 31 March 2021: