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GMB Warns New Nuclear Power Programme Needed In Scotland As COP26 Gathers  

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

GMB Warns New Nuclear Power Programme Needed In Scotland As COP26 Gathers   

GMB Scotland, the union for energy workers in Scotland, warned Scottish politicians they run the risk of missing out on a new generation of nuclear power stations and the low carbon electricity they generate without sorting plans to replace Hunterston B and Torness power plants.   

It comes as COP26 gathers in Glasgow and the UK Government brings forward legislation on a new funding mechanism for new nuclear build, with the second reading of the Nuclear Energy (Financing) Bill taking place in the House of Commons later today (Wednesday 3 November).

The UK government has announced key legislation that will potentially fund a new nuclear programme, which is anticipated to start with Sizewell C, supporting the potential of 233,000 full-time equivalent jobs over the lifetime of the project, and more than 24,000 jobs during construction.   

GMB has written to all MPs and also MSPs, calling for them to put aside “obstructive dogmas” and get serious in fighting for a replacement nuclear programme to meet net zero targets and secure low-carbon jobs.   

Keir Greenaway, GMB Scotland Senior Organiser said:   

Scotland is the most dependent nation on nuclear energy across the UK - it provides us with the reliable, high output electricity baseload needed to complement the intermittence of renewables  

 “Bluntly there will be no net zero without new nuclear. Phase-outs won’t work – we need only look at Germany, where nuclear decommissioning has led to a rapid increase in coal-fired production.    

 “We need to deliver the next generation of low-carbon jobs, and policies that lead to redundancies without transition won’t be forgotten in energy communities like North Ayrshire and East Lothian.   

 “Let’s learn the lessons from a decade of broken promises over the delivery of jobs in offshore wind and take people with us on the journey to net zero by providing clean, green employment opportunities. 

 “It is vital that politicians reject the siren voices and the obstructive dogmas. If we want to meet our climate ambitions, create jobs and keep the lights on then Scotland needs new nuclear.”   


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