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GMB Comment on National Care Service Partnership

Thursday, July 13, 2023

GMB Comment on National Care Service Partnership Working between the Scottish Government and COSLA

Commenting, GMB Scotland Senior Organiser for Public Services, Keir Greenaway said:

“Confirmation that staff already employed by local authorities will remain is long overdue, but welcome. However, there are still countless issues that our members are still being expected to take a leap of faith on.

“Care workers still have no clarity on how standards will be enforced, how trade unions will be represented, and how a NCS will deliver fair pay, terms and conditions which values the workforce.

“We can’t build a world class care service without meaningful standards, oversight and enforcement. Councils are already commissioning exploitative care providers. The NCS must have the teeth and will to hold to account councils and employers who do not meet expectations.

“That can only be achieved through serious trade union representation at all levels in the NCS during formation and running. The summer meetings cannot be talking shops. Social care workers need answers.”


Notes to Editor:

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