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Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland Report

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Review Recommendations “Once In A Generation Opportunity” To Transform Social Care

Responding to the publication of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland Report this afternoon (Wednesday 3 February), GMB Scotland’s Women’s Campaign Unit Organiser Rhea Wolfson said:

“Scotland has a once in a generation opportunity to transform social care, if the recommendations of this report are underpinned by proper value for the workers who will deliver it.

“We are pleased the report acknowledges our campaign for a £15 an hour minimum wage in social care and we would stress to the government and the industry this is very achievable with collaboration and political will.

“The report is clear that if government and the industry invest properly in the sector and its people, the economic multiplier effects of social care spending could have transformative effects not just for workers’ pay and the quality of care, but for the equalities agenda and the wider economy.

“The COVID-19 pandemic ruthlessly exposed the long-standing crisis in social care which everyone well understood, and for a workforce of mainly low-paid and often exploited women this has meant a chronic struggle for proper value and respect.

“After the crises and tragedy of the last eleven months, and with tough times still ahead of us, there is hope in these recommendations. If we are serious about what we really value as a society, then we have a chance to finally get the social care agenda right.”


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Notes to Editors:

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