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Insulting Pay Offer Could Turn Cost-Of-Living Crisis Into A Catastrophe

Friday, March 4, 2022


 “Insulting” pay offer could turn “cost-of-living crisis into a catastrophe” for tens of thousands of local government workers

 GMB Scotland will launch a consultative ballot of its entire local government membership next week, asking if workers are prepared to take industrial action against an “insulting” pay offer tabled by the council employers’ organisation COSLA.

 The union’s local government reps today (Friday 4 March) rejected out of hand a 2 per cent across the board increase for 2022/23, warning it could turn the growing cost-of-living crisis into a catastrophe for the lowest paid workers in Scottish councils.

 COSLA bosses were also slammed for “using workers as a political football” when it was established the total funding required for the offer amounted to around £120 million – the same level of “extra funding” recently given to COSLA by the Finance Secretary.

 GMB Scotland Senior Organiser Keir Greenaway said:

 “If the lowest paid local government workers get an increase that amounts to less than a tenner a week, it could turn a cost-of-living crisis into a catastrophe.

 “And the fact that COSLA chiefs are also using workers as a political football in their own battles with the Scottish Government over budget cuts is totally unacceptable.

 “Without pay that confronts soaring inflation and energy prices, many of the key workers that were applauded on the nation’s doorsteps will go from the frontline to below the breadline.

 “It’s an appalling prospect we can’t leave unchallenged, and that’s why we will ask our local government membership if they are prepared to move to a full industrial action ballot.”


Contact: GMB Scotland Senior Organiser Keir Greenaway on 07855 017842 or GMB Scotland Communications on 07976 447077.