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McVitie’s Tollcross Closure Proposal Latest

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

GMB says pladis has questions to answer over public funding, and warns politicians ‘road to recovery’ must run through Tollcross

Following yesterday’s shock announcement that snacks giant pladis are proposing the closure of the historic McVitie’s manufacturing site at Tollcross, and following engagement with members today (Wednesday 12 May) GMB Scotland Secretary Gary Smith said:

“There is no levelling-up agenda for workers in the East-end of Glasgow today. It’s back to ‘business as usual’ for pladis, having made staff work throughout this pandemic to increase sales and maximise profit, all while pocketing public money.

“The MD for UK and Ireland David Murray has questions to answer, not least about how a reported £1 million worth of Scottish Enterprise funding has been utilised in recent years, and why the site has not been modernised. It’s no time to be hiding in the London HQ.  

“GMB will explore every avenue to save jobs and bring investment into this business and the community, but every politician should take a long and hard look at Tollcross because it is typical of what’s left of a once thriving manufacturing sector.

“The UK is the world’s fifth largest economy and Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city. We need an industrial plan in place for investment, jobs and skills, then we won’t need to worry about taskforces, PACE interventions and political platitudes.

“We can fix this, but the road to recovery must run through workers and communities like those in Tollcross. They can’t be forgotten.” 


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