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Paterson Arran

Dear GMB Member,

GMB Scotland in Paterson Arran – Pay Ballot Update

Last week we carried out a consultative ballot on the 2.5% pay offer that management made for the 2020 pay deal. The results were as follows:

Are you willing to accept the 2.5% offer?

Yes – 5%

No – 95%

This is an overwhelming rejection of the company’s offer and we are asking them to look again and move towards our original pay claim so that it matches the aspirations of the hard-pressed workforce and rewards you for the skill and dedication that you have shown over the years.

Without the workforce keeping the lines moving Paterson Arran would not have been targeted for a takeover in the first place.

If you have any questions at this time please do not hesitate to contact me

David Hume

GMB Scotland Organiser

Dear GMB Scotland Member,

GMB Scotland in Paterson Arran – Pay Talks Update

Your GMB Scotland Representatives met with management on Monday 25/11 and commenced pay talks.

The wage claim that we submitted on your behalf was as follows;

  • 4.7% increase across all pay grades within the bargaining unit
  • An increase in annual leave by 1 day
  • An assurance to look at the grading structure after pay talks are completed 

We are conscious of the fact that this has been an uncertain time for many within the factory after the acquisition of Paterson Arran by Burtons Biscuits, our priority will always be the defence of your interests.

We go into these pay talks in good faith and we are hopeful that management recognise the massive contribution that the workforce makes every day. The success of Paterson Arran is built on the work that you put in and we feel you deserve a pay deal in line with that contribution.

Bear in mind that our success in these pay talks is hinging on how strong we are within the workplace. If we have a growing GMB membership who understand and recognise how critical they are to the successful future of this company, then we have a better chance of securing an above inflation pay deal.

The larger our membership is then the stronger our bargaining position. Speak to your fellow worker and encourage them to join so that they strengthen our hand in the pay negotiations and so that you all have a say on your pay.

We are meeting management again next Tuesday; an update will follow from that meeting.


David Hume

GMB Scotland Organiser

Dear GMB Member
GMB Scotland Update: Burton’s Acquisition
Our priority is the defence of your interests. That’s why we are watching events very closely following the acquisition of Paterson’s by Burton’s Biscuits.
This morning (Tuesday 3 September), Paterson’s management has given GMB assurances over the future of jobs and work at the Livingston site.
However, the detail is vital and we are seeking an urgent meeting with both management reps from Paterson’s and Burton’s at the earliest possible opportunity.
It is a very reasonable expectation that both parties are fully transparent with us about the future prospects for pay, terms and conditions and job security as a result of this acquisition.
Please be assured that when we have this meeting confirmed we will issue further communications to members.
In the meantime, it is very important that your GMB membership contact details are fully up to date, particularly mobiles.
You can check this by contacting your GMB workplace reps, email me at or go online at
If you know any colleagues who are not in a trade union and would like to join GMB, they can do so by contacting us on 0141 332 8641 (Quote: “Paterson’s membership”) or by visiting our website at
Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions at this time on 07931 796733.
David Hume
GMB Scotland Organiser