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Gratitude For Care Workers? Nowhere to be Seen or Heard

Gratitude For Care Workers?  Nowhere to be Seen or Heard

Gratitude to Care Workers? Nowhere to be seen or heard,  cost-of-living crisis, National Care Service, the time is now to Fight for £15. 

The cost-of-living crisis will affect everyone however, women in low paid jobs who are already struggling to make ends meet will be the worst hit.

Fuel Increases

Typical car running costs, including insurance and fuel, have risen £291 this year according to a leading price compare website. Many now go to the petrol station with a sense of worry due to the rising costs of fuel. But for care workers they have the added pressure of low pay and providing essential services, which is putting enormous strain on care workers financially and mentally. The increase is predicted to keep rising in the coming days but care workers milage allowance is not. If staff can’t afford fuel they can’t attend work, leaving vulnerable clients without essential services.  

The big question now is, can you afford to work in care?

Care workers struggled on the frontline of a global pandemic ensuring our loved ones were well looked after and safe. They provided the emotional support and stability to the most vulnerable people in our society when these people could not see their families, sacrificing their own health and wellbeing and that of their families. 

Did they do this for the below average salary? No, they did it because they CARE.

Now, burned out and emotionally drained after pulling our communities through a global pandemic, have the unachievable task of making a below average wage enough to live on in the worst cost of living crisis in 40 years.  

Fight for £15

GMB Scotland's Fight For £15 is about securing a £15 minimum wage for ALL care workers in Scotland AND an uplift in pay for everyone working in the care sector, no matter what role you they have (e.g. domestic, handyperson, administration, etc).

This won't be an easy fight, but we know that if thousands of workers in the care sector come together, we cannot be ignored. 

The Time is NOW to Fight for £15!

Cara Stevenson, GMB Scotland's Women's Campaign Unit