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Dear GMB Member

GMB Scotland in BCA – Important Grievance Update 

Our priority is the defence of your interests.

Even if you now have a job as an employee you can still be a part of GMB's collective grievance to challenge your previous employment status, this will be decided by a Judge.

Due to the way BCAL organise their daily and weekly working hours and shifts GMB believe that BCAL are not paying the minimum wage. After further meetings with our lawyers, there will be a separate collective grievance sent to BCAL in a letter next week. No names will be included.

If a Judge makes a decision of employee or worker status after all names are lodged with ACAS on Sunday 30 June 2019, both grievances will be put together as one claim.

BCAL are trying to cause a divide between the trade union membership - we will not leave this unchallenged. GMB will respond to BCAL and arrange a meeting but we are clear: no more names or any evidence will be given to BCAL.

If you would like to discuss anything further please do not hesitate to contact me, Kirsty Nimmo, GMB Scotland Organiser on: 0771 061 8901 or

Kirsty Nimmo
GMB Scotland Organiser