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GMB Scotland in Centrica – It’s time to hold Iain Conn to account

For some time now, the decline in Centrica has been a cause for real worry in our trade union. Customer levels down by over 250,000 but Chief Executive Iain Conn’s pay goes up 40 per cent to more than £4 million a year. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

The latest company initiative has only served to increase the worries. The ‘Recommend-a-Friend’ is a smokescreen for serious divestment - a race to the bottom on workers’ terms and conditions and quality of service for millions of hard-pressed consumers already struggling with the rising cost of living.

Management may be trying to lure you with £250 in your pocket now but it’s a stealth grab on your future earnings and livelihoods if the business has an increasingly two-tier workforce.

By participating in this you would be undercutting your own interests and GMB strongly urges you to reject this.

This scheme is just another example of a once proud company going rapidly downhill. Against a backdrop of slumping customer levels and fat-cat executive pay, Centrica executives are turning one of our great industrial institutions into a cowboy contractor.

Scottish Gas should be a force for economic, employment and social good – a beacon of stability, serving the national interests in volatile times for consumers, price and stability of supply.

Instead, Iain Conn is cutting and gutting every level of the business, including the ranks of field services. The company’s direction of travel is bad for jobs, bad for consumers and bad for the country.

Our priority is the defence of your interests and GMB Scotland says, ‘Enough is enough’. It’s time to hold Iain Conn to account for the damage he is doing to this once proud company - and your livelihoods.

Martin Doran

GMB Scotland Organiser