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Amazon Black Friday strikes begin as action spreads Tuesday 7 November 2023

More than 1,000 Amazon workers in Coventry are set to down tools

Coventry Amazon workers vote to extend strike for six months

History-making Amazon strikers in Coventry have voted for six more months of industrial action as the biggest walk out of the dispute so far took place today [Wednesday 14 June 2023] 

14 Jun 2023

Dear GMB Member

GMB Scotland in Amazon:  Amazon 'Pay Rise'- An International Rip-Off

GMB members in Amazon might be left confused as people outside of the workplace celebrate a supposed ‘victory’ in terms of pay. Whilst GMB Scotland welcomes moves towards a decent basic wage, we know the reality of this ‘pay rise’. Amazon staff internationally will be losing stock options and having other benefits slashed which will have a significant impact on workers’ annual take home pay. Members are telling us they believe they may end up worse off.

GMB Scotland is calling out politicians looking to paint this move as a victory for workers on the back of their hard work. This is lazy politics that cuts workers out of the story and allows Amazon a public relations victory that they do not deserve.

This move is unilateral - something that is happening to workers without you having a say, and we know that employers, especially tax dodging, multi- national companies like Amazon, don’t hand out gifts. We can see behind the headlines and we’ll call Amazon out at every turn.

The power of the trade union to fight back is rooted in our membership and it our obligation now to build the union in Amazon so that we can push back against any cuts to your pay or terms and conditions.

Please share with your colleagues and encourage everyone to join the union now:

Alan Ritchie
GMB Scotland Organiser