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Stirling Council

Dear GMB Scotland Member,

GMB Scotland in Stirling Council – Management have had free reign for far too long!

Having taken over industrial responsibility for Stirling Council last week I have noticed an alarming and highly questionable culture and pattern of behaviour that seems to have been allowed to grow, unchallenged, for a number of years.

The five locally recognised Trade Unions have not met as the Joint Trade Union Council, which is a forum where the Trade Unions and Management meet to resolve issues on behalf of their members, in many months and is not functioning in even the most basic sense of the word. This undermines your ability to be properly represented at work and only serves the interests of one group of people… Stirling Council Management.

This is time for the local Trade Unions to come together and remember that our interests are the same. Improving pay and conditions and representing our members effectively.

The previous entrenched positions of some Unions have allowed some management in Stirling Council to be under the misconception that they have an open goal when it comes to reducing local or council wide terms of employment or even sneaking in service reorganisations through the back door, with little to no consultation with GMB Scotland Members. This will not stand and thankfully your GMB Scotland Reps have held Stirling Council management accountable when they have attempted these gross overreaches.

More concerning still is what appears to be, a sustained and deliberate campaign of blatant anti-Trade Union activity and Shop Steward victimisation.

Anyone who decides to step forward and become a GMB Scotland Shop Steward is taking a courageous step and is giving you, GMB Scotland members, a voice in the workplace. Shop Stewards are the lifeblood of the Trade Union movement and an attack on any of your Shop Stewards is an attack on you. This action is petty and self-defeating, it is an attack on your rights to be represented at work, a breach of the Trade Union Facilities Agreement of which GMB Scotland is a signatory, and a breach of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992. The Council leadership responsible have breached statutory law in a consistent and deliberate manner and they will all be held to account for this attack on your Shop Stewards and the GMB Scotland membership at large.

If anyone moves against you, then we, as a collective, push back twice as hard. GMB Scotland will be seeking legal advice in relation to this and will use every Industrial, Legal and Political lever at our disposal to make sure every guilty party is held to account fully.

Let me be clear, it is the Council worker, many of them underpaid, that keeps the Stirling Council machine moving forward, not the well paid pen-pushers and bureaucrats in their comfortable air conditioned offices. GMB Scotland will not allow them to undermine your ability to be represented and effectively bargain any longer.

In Solidarity

David Hume

GMB Scotland Organiser

Dear GMB Scotland Member,
GMB Scotland in Stirling Council – GMB Scotland fights off an unfair imposition!
WEEKLY PAID MEMBERS should under no circumstances complete the form sent to them regarding moving to monthly pay.
Following successful representations from your GMB Scotland Committee this planned change has been suspended until at least November 2020, further information will be available following a meeting with management next Tuesday.
Stirling Councils decision to move to monthly pay was taken with no GMB Scotland consultation and we welcome the suspension of that decision, but be under no illusion, this isn’t the first and it won’t be the last time that GMB Scotland shines a light on the cavalier attitude that some management at Stirling Council have.
Our only interest is defending your interests!
Any member who did complete the form and does not wish to move to monthly pay this year should contact payroll in writing and let them know that they wish to remain on weekly pay.  Any member requiring more information or support should contact a GMB Scotland Shop Steward.
David Hume
GMB Scotland Organiser