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West Lothian Council

Dear GMB member,

GMB Scotland in West Lothian Council - Industrial Action Ballot

Your industrial action ballot is posted today, Wednesday 14 August, it is vitally important that you Vote YES and return the ballot as soon as possible.

The revised Drug and Alcohol policy is clearly unfair, unjust and over the top.

West Lothian Council can not and have not provided evidence to suggest there is an issue with Drugs and Alcohol that requires this heavy handed approach that goes beyond every other council in Scotland.

The list of safety critical jobs unfairly and unjustly targets some workers for random testing, GMB believes there should be equity across the whole workforce.

Is it fair that the Chief Executive earning £140,000 won't be randomly tested but you will be?

Please Vote YES in your industrial action ballot and GMB will campaign for the policy to be changed to 'with cause' testing for all which is the fairest and safest approach.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me at, or by calling the office on 0131 322 9270.

Keir Greenaway

GMB Scotland Organiser
Dear GMB member,
GMB Scotland in West Lothian Council - Misuse of Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances policy - Industrial Action Ballot
GMB will always campaign in defence of your interests.
You were balloted on the revised Policy on the Misuse of Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances, which you rejected by a clear 85%.
The policy is unfair as it targets certain roles for random testing with no evidence to support random testing or the choice of these roles.
West Lothian Council is being massively heavy handed as no other council in Scotland has random testing except for Shetland who only test their sea-faring staff.
GMB met with Julie Whitelaw, Wednesday 7 August to tell West Lothian Council about your objections and ask them to pause the introduction of the policy to engage with GMB meaningfully.
West Lothian Council ignored your clear rejection of the policy and want to carry on regardless, therefore we have issued notice of industrial action ballot to West Lothian Council.
It is clearly unjust and unfair to treat West Lothian Council workers differently when it comes to different forms of testing.
Your industrial action ballot will start 14 August and close on 30 August. It is important that you vote Yes for industrial action to stop the introduction of this revised policy that unfairly singles you out for random testing.
Many thanks,
Keir Greenaway
GMB Scotland Organiser