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Overview: Brewing, Whisky & Spirits

Overview: Brewing, Whisky & Spirits

1. What is MUP - Minimum Unit Pricing?

MUP was introduced by the Scottish Government in 2018 which meant every unit of alcohol had to be sold for at least 50p. This year, the Scottish Government announced they wanted to increase MUP this year to 65p per unit.

MUP was supposed to reduce alcohol related deaths. However, the evidence remains inconclusive, alcohol deaths have risen, and those with alcohol dependence have maintained their consumption and have given up heating and food.

Whilst Scotland does need action to tackle alcohol deaths, the action must meet its aims and must involve properly funded public services. It cannot come to the detriment of our members’ pay, the industry, and communities who rely on these jobs.

2. What impact will MUP have on jobs and the industry?

MUP – and an increase – has and will impact on pay, investment and growth in Brewing, Whisky and Spirits, one of Scotland’s most successful industries.

At 50p, a bottle of whisky must be sold for no less than £13.80. At 65p, the price will jump by £4.40 to £18.20 per bottle.

Increases in alcohol duty is also squeezing the sector. 73% of the average bottle of whisky is tax. Alcohol is therefore already the UK’s most taxed commodity.

3. What have GMB members called for?

GMB Scotland has called for MUP to be scrapped and for any increase in MUP to prioritise changes in peoples’ real terms incomes. Therefore, MUP must be NO MORE THAN 50p.

Increasing MUP from 50p to 65p is a 30% increase. But due to the cost-of-living crisis, peoples’ real terms incomes have only increased by 1.3% since 2018. A 30% increase is therefore unfair to working people who drink responsibly and an additional tax on the lowest earners.

4. What can you do?

Watch this space, GMB will soon be launching a petition calling for the 30% increase to be scrapped, and for any changes to MUP to take account of changes in peoples’ real terms purchasing power. You'll be able to sign the petion here and in workplaces by scanning a QR code.

Drinks Industry Workers: Minimum price hike will cost jobs - Monday, December 4, 2023

Drinks workers: Don’t increase minimum unit price of alcohol, scrap it

Workers in Scotland’s drinks industry fear a proposed increase to the price of alcohol will risk jobs while doing nothing to protect problem drinkers, according to a poll.

Christmas strikes loom at whisky giant after GMB Scotland members back action - Tuesday, November 21,  2023

 Workers at whisky giant Chivas Brothers have overwhelmingly backed strike action after pay talks collapsed.

Glass of Whisky

UK Budget Reaction – Spirits Duty Increase - Wednesday, March 15, 2023

GMB Scotland slams “unhelpful measure” as Chancellor hikes spirits duty

Strike threat at whisky giants as workers balloted over shift allowance dispute - Wednesday, February 22, 2023

“This is a dedicated and loyal workforce, and the real prospect of industrial action is not something they are taking lightly, but this ballot is a direct response to management’s chronic intransigence and a clear demonstration of their desire to make work better across Edrington.”

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