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GMB Scotland Open Letter to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

GMB Scotland Open Letter to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

We are front line care workers. We work every hour of the day to keep your family safe and provide essential care. When most people are at home during this COVID-19 crisis we are leaving our families to go to work, looking after those who have no one else and who are our most in need.

We will not let our clients down but we are being let down by our employers and by Government.

We do not feel safe at work. You have lost our confidence by publishing guidance without consultation with front line workers and by forcing us to work with insufficient PPE.

By not giving us the PPE we need and by not testing front line workers, we are being forced to put not only ourselves but our family and our clients at risk. Some of our colleagues are sick and some will sadly die due to this gross negligence.

By not putting in place safe systems of work with trade unions, you have lost our confidence. We need these in place urgently and for them to be constantly reviewed with trade unions.

Front line workers are best placed to judge what we need to keep us safe. Listen to us and listen to our trade unions and give us the PPE and testing we need to help save lives.


Paula Logue Home Carer
Liz Taylor Home Carer
Selina Benison Mainstream Home Care
Catherine Doherty  Home Carer
Sarah Home Carer
Cheryl Burns Home Carer
Nicola Trotter Home Carer
Elizabeth Sinclair  Home Carer
Helen McGowan  Home Carer
Lorna Ritchie  Home Carer
Elizabeth Monks Home Carer
Joyce Campbell  Home Carer
Ellen Tait Home Carer
Caroline Reablement Home Carer
Lynn Maley Home Carer
Angela Kennedy  Home Carer
Kathleen Paton Home Carer
Kathleen Doohan Home Carer
Mary Cosgrove  Home Carer
Leanne Hutton Carer
Kelly Butler Home Carer
Lorraine Connor Home Carer
Alison Miller Home Carer
Nicola Lincoln  Home Carer
Kerri Gallagher Carer
Ann Graham  Home Carer
Wendy Bell  Home Carer
Julia Drummond  Home Carer
Fiona Bready  Home Carer
Carolann Granger  Home Carer
Angela Todd Care Home Manager
Margaret   Quigley Home Carer
Louise Forbes  Home Carer
Kerri Mctear  Home Carer
Angela Haran Home Carer
Janette Wright Carer
Lynn Hendry Home Carer
Marie McEnroe Home Carer
Ellen Gilmour  Home Carer
Emma  Home Carer
Sandra Hamill  Home Carer
Jacqueline Mersey Home Carer
Joanne Tait  Home Carer
Elizabeth Burns  Home Carer
Annette Carmichael Home Carer
Sarah Macklin  Home Carer
Jacqueline Smith Home Carer
Samantha Richmond  Home Carer
Stephanie Henry Home Carer
Vivien Hanton Home Carer
June Woods Carer
Jacqueline Guthrie  Social Care Assistant
Linda  Home Carer
Kathleen Smith Home Carer
Evelyn Fraser  Home Carer
Liz Cusick Home Carer
May Lynch  Reablement Home Carer
Jennifer Murphy  Home Carer
Shannon Boyd  Home Carer
Pauline Burns  Carer
Joan O'Connor  First Response
Rose Ann Ambler Home Carer
Jean Mckee Carer
Nan Waddell  Home Carer
Ina Tweedie Home Carer
Rosemary Zokas Carer
Marie Murray  Home Carer
Patricia Taylor Home Carer
Pauline Stewart  Home Carer
Angela Williams  Home Carer
Sharon Kelly  Home Carer
Diane Morton Home Carer
Lynn Ferguson Home Carer
Madelaine Cox Home Carer
Margaret Smith Home Carer
Patricia Burt Home Carer
Jacqueline Bower First Response Home Carer
Tracey Kennedy Home Carer
David Dalzell First Response Home Care
Annelouise  Home Carer
John D Liddell  Transport and Support Worker
Angela Murphy Carer
Yvonne Miller Home Carer
Patricia Porteous  Home Carer
Shirley McManus Home Carer
Joanne Mcindoe Home Carer
Patricia Donnelly Home Carer
Liz Haddow  Night shift Carer
Sandra Johnston  Carer
Susan Clifford  Home Carer
Isobel Langlands  Home Carer
Carol Lindsay Home Carer
Elizabeth Milne  Enhanced Home Carer 
Tracey Brown Home Carer
Anne McLean  Reablement Home Carer
E Ayres Carer
Catherine Mcgahey  Home Carer
Sam Lloyd Residential Childcare Worker
Suzanne Dempster  Care Assistant
Julie Cumming  Care Assistant
Ross Abbott Maintenance Operative 
Elizabeth Houston  Carer
Chloe Hardye Care Assistant
Alison Clelland Carer
Lewis Lynn Laundry Assistant, Care Home
Chloe Hardie  Care Assistant
Janet  Care Assistant
Dawn Gilmour  Senior Carer - Care home 
Yvonne McCready Home Support Worker
Lisa McFarlane  Care Assistant
Charlene Forsyth  Senior Nursing Care Assistant 
Holly Goodwin Support Worker
Gail Chilton Care Assistant
Andrea Murray  Senior Care Assistant
Carol Campbell Care Assistant
Helen Craig  Carer
Sammy Menzies Care Assistant
Mary Catherine Gourlay  Housekeeper 
Annette Lord  Carer
Karine Hogg Staff Nurse
Lynne Doyle  Care Home Domestic 
Stephanie Chapman Care Assistant
Rhona Higgins Team Leader in Dementia Unit
Mairi Bell Care Assistant
Violeta Geanina Rusu Health Care Assistant
Elaine Conroy Carer
Jacqueline Copson Care Assistant
Sharon Mcmaster Carer
Claire Mcintyre Housekeeper
Sarah McGhie  Care Assistant
Marina Morton  Carer
Catherine McQuade Head Cook
Tracey Wilson Carer
Gary Hilton  Registered Nurse
Cheryl Taylor  Care Home Laundry Assistant 
Carolanne Donnan  Domestic Assistant 
Christine Mclemon Health Care worker
Jay Stewart  Domestic 
Frances Kelly Senior Carer
Anne Mcdonald  Staff Nurse 
Eileen McCluskey Distribution manager of a charity
Elizabeth Tait  Senior Nursing Care Assistant 
Helena McArthur Activities Coordinator 
Margaret Quail Domestic 
Susan Lindsay  Support Worker
Gillian Sooter Carer
Shirley Mctaggart Healthcare Assistant
Jessel Carer
Avril Richmond  Home Carer
Kerri McAvoy Carer
Lynda McRae Laundry Assistant
Ross Henderson Health Care Assistant
Omotoyosi Lanii Home Carer
Janice Waugh Care Assistant
Rhonda Ging Carer
Samantha Watson Carer
Anna Karas  Carer
Jane Healy  Carer
Steven Fawns  Support Worker
Donna Sweeney Senior Carer
Louise Brown Care Assistant
Amanda Mcconnachie  Care Assistant
Colette Mcginnes  Night shift Carer
Katie Baird  Carer
Margaret Paton Senior Carer
Annmarie Cairns Carer
Fekadu Haile Tekie  Care Assistant
Dionne Glen Senior Support Worker
John Conlon  Chef Manager 
Barbara Walker Kitchen Assistant
Marion Mcquarrie Support Worker
David Andrews Care Assistant
Carolyn Potts  Care Assistant
Heather Devlin Care Assistant
Anne Letham Care Assistant
Brian Campbell Carer
Janice Hume Healthcare Assistant
Caitlin  Carer
Karen Shand  Domestic Worker
Caroline Barclay  Community Home Carer
Carol Dymock Care Assistant
Cheryl Muldoon Residential Care Assistant
Janice Dunning Healthcare Assistant
Anita Carer
Sharon Swordy  Carer
Gary Mcmillan Healthcare Assistant
Moyra Miller Care Assistant
Claire Campbell  Clinical Lead
Annmarie Campbell Care Assistant
Barbara Dearie Staff Nurse
Ruth Ritchie  Care Assistant
Gina M Carer
Michelle Mcginlay  Care Assistant
Sharon Arthur  Carer
Grace Matimbe  Senior Care Assistant 
Aggy Care Home Administrator 
Kathleen Kane Care Assistant
Lee Davidson  Carer
Elizabeth Mccrann  Care Assistant
Larisa Mcguckin  Home Carer
Tracy Barton  Care Assistant
Marion McCluskey  Home Care Worker 
Jessica  Carer
Sharmila Santhi Health Care Assistant
Elizabeth Mccrann  Night shift Carer
Lynsay Kennedy Care Assistant
Anne Mcelhinney  Care Assistant
Alison McPherson Live in Carer
Isabel Mclaren  
Joanne Simpson  Senior Care Assistant
Anne Clark  Senior Housekeeper 
Elaine Henderson  Care Assistant
Yvonne Burns Carer
Nicola Nugent Care Assistant
Paula Owen  Senior Care Assistant
Diane Johnston  Carer
Michael  Ralston Cheg
Jade Carer
Charity Support Practitioner 
Maria Lambe Care Assistant
Catherine Dryburgh  Senior Carer
Carrie-Ann Thompson  Care Assistant
Alan Davidson  Care Assistant
Lauren Fordham Senior Care Assistant
Michelle McGowan Senior Carer - Care home 
Brenda Steele  Carer
Angela Rooney Registered Nurse
Kathleen Mcavoy  Carer
Darlene Campbell Care Assistant
Anna Care Assistant
Jane Reddington Care Assistant
Nicola McArdle Carer
Anne Lindsay Charge Nurse
Caroline Kirkwood Carer
Michelle Senior Carer
Rachel Hayden  Support Worker
Tina Stirling Care Practitioner
Amanda O'Rourke  Carer
Naomi Thain  Senior Housekeeper 
Sharon Lockhart Care Assistant
Julie Smith Care Assistant
Kirsten Mwoloi  Staff Nurse 
Robert Gartshore  Care Assistant
Lynne Kelly Care Assistant
Charlene Scott Nursing Assistant
Marion Dale Carer
Shirley Grant Care/Support Worker 
Brian Head Carer
Elizabeth Gavin Registered Nurse
Courtney Strang  Senior Carer
Angela Clark  Care Assistant
Angela Churchill Private Care Assistant
Nicole Care Assistant
Nichola Walker Carer
Stevie-Leigh Care Assistant
Pauline Andrews Care Assistant
Amy Donaldson Care Assistant
Lee Mallon Senior Care Assistant
Donna Wilson Carer
Jenna Taylor Care Assistant
Pamela Keenan Carer
Laura Johnston Nurse
Sophie Phipps Nursing Assistant
Lisa Revie Night shift Carer Assistant
Julie-Ann Jones Care Assistant
Caroline Revie Nightshift Nursing Assistant
Susan Alexander Home Carer
Pauline McKenna  Cook
Eliana Arega  Care Assistant
Fiona McGregor Care Assistant
Pauline McKenna  Care Home Cook
Isobel Spree  Care Assistant
Shirene Barr Care Assistant
Ann Mcbride  Care Assistant
Elizabeth Little Ancillary staff
Vincent Mcpadden Vehicle Tester
Leanne Bulloch  Care Assistant
Helen Hughes  Domestic 
Susan Stenhouse Care Assistant
Elena Banica Care Assistant
Alana Care Assistant
Lynn Townsley Kitchen Assistant
George Mcneil  Care Assistant
Emma Lewis Receptionist in a Care Home 
Donna Adams Care Assistant
Maryam Said Housekeeper
Steffanie cairns  Care Assistant
Julie Williamson Home Carer
Jennifer Bell  Care Assistant
Lynn Carer
Sharon Curran Care Assistant
Kristine Smith Care Assistant
Sandra Cuthbertson  Laundry Assistant
Thomas Salmon  Support Worker
Anne Kean Carer
Roy Razey Domestic Assistant
Dorothy Domestic
Siobhan Munro Carer
Heather Livingstone Healthcare Assistant
Jean Gerrard Care Assistant
Linda Carer
Stacy Dunn Carer in Nursing Home
Stephanie Nurse
Kelly Ann McGarrigle  Support Worker
Angela Allan  Domestic Assistant 
Rosina Kelly Care Assistant
Liz Martin  Nurse Private Care Home 
Dusan Lindsau Care Home Chef
Daniel Coyne Care Home Kitchen Assistant
Alison Gallacher Care Assistant
Elizabeth McKenzie Senior Care Worker
Geraldine Johnston  Care Assistant
Stacey Naughton Care Assistant
Gordon Ross  Care Assistant
Anne Nicol Personal Home Carer
Mary Paterson  Carer
Eloise Taberner Carer
Kaelay Struth Senior Carer Unit Manager 
Anne Mcphee Senior Carer
Victoria Mckellar  Carer
Catherine Adams Care Assistant
Caroline Carson Carer
Garry Mcshane  Support Worker
Margaret Ann O’Connor  Senior Care Assistant
Angela Rudden Care Assistant
Melissa Owens Home Carer
Fiona Macdonald  Care Assistant
Pamela Anderson  Staff Nurse
Corinne Brown  Domestic 
Sandra Gall Carer
Emma Baron Cook in a home 
 Elizabeth  Andrews  Senior Carer
Sarah-Jane Smith  Care Assistant
Anne Mcdade Wellbeing Coordinator Care Home
Melanie Smith Nursing Assistant
Karen Borland Staff Nurse
Sharon Kane  Senior Support Worker
Jackie Hunter  Senior Care Assistant
Zoe Wylie  Rehabilitation Support Worker 
Sarah M Laundry Assistant / Housekeeper 
Victoria  Lyle  Carer
Sharon Jackson Nursing Assistant
Elizabeth Gordon Senior Care Assistant
Violet Caldwell Support Worker
Rae Wood Support Worker
Margaret Shearer Care Assistant
Jan Senior Care Assistant
Jan Fallon Senior Care Assistant
Laura Forbes Care Assistant
Leighann Anderson  Care Home 
David Blakely  Carer
Deborah Stewart Night shift Carer
Donna Mccrudden Care Assistant
Arlene Carer
Anton Stephen Dierikx Care Assistant
Linda Cooper  Nursing Assistant
Isabel Milligan Carer
Sharon O'Hara  Care Assistant
Mairi Conlin Registered Nurse
Helen Mclean Care Assistant
Susan Mcintosh  Cook
Natalie Malone  Health Care Assistant
Shirley Inflis Senior Nurse Carer
Michael Ralston  Chef
Linda Mcmahon  Support Worker
Janet Reid Care Home Assistant Practitioner
Pat Martin  Direct Response Officer 
Catherine Holmes Carer
Kirsten Draper  Senior Support Worker
Debbie Fennessey  Nursing Assistant
Tracy Clephane  Nursing Assistant
Stacey Docherty  Responder 
Christine Nevitt Carer
Michelle Graham  Care Assistant
Amanda Cruse  Senior Care Assistant
Judith Mckinlay Senior Care Assistant
Lesley Activities Coordinator 
Dionne Mclean Home Carer
Angela Smith  Support Assistant 
Amina Fazal Care Assistant
Toni Brewer  Home Care
Hannah Nursing Home
Mary Macdonald Social Care Response
Isabelle Halliday Care Assistant
Vera MacKenzie Home Carer
Tracey Smith Home Carer
Amanda Campbell Senior Nurse Care Assistant 
Carolann Mcilveney  Carer
Amanda Carvill Home Carer
Rachel Murray  Care Assistant
Kim Maitland Carer
David McCarron  Support Worker
Caitlin Wyper  Senior Care Assistant
Matthew Robertson Care Assistant
Stacey Carer
June Care Assistant
Annlouise Williams  Head Housekeeper 
Mark Conroy Carer
Maureen King Care Assistant
Anna Finnigan Carer
Gemma Kelly  Care Assistant
Louise  Home Carer
Margaretann Nursing Assistant
Karen Robertson Care Assistant
Rae Support Worker Care at Home
Frances Kelly Senior Carer
Lisa Blackwood Care Home Kitchen Assistant
Margaret O'neil Domestic
Kerry Innes  
Michelle Symington Home Carer
Lesley Cargill Home Carer
Sharon Mcginley Home Carer
Karen McElwaine Home Care Coordinator 
Isabella Addison Home Carer
Elaine Hughes  Home Carer
Leanne Mcquade Home Carer
Michelle Lennie  Home Carer
Angela Degnan Reablement Home Carer
Michelle Harkins Home Carer
Lynn Mair  Support Worker
Jackie Smith Home Carer
Allison Esdale  Support Worker
Danielle Clabby Home Carer
Marian Stewart Nightshift Home Carer
Janice Mitchell Home Carer
Allison Mackay  Home Carer
Janice Murray  Home Carer
Jane Walker Social Care Assistant
Denise Home Carer
Amanda  Home Carer
Lorraine Dowall  Home Carer
Susan Mcnee Home Carer
Caroline Mcateer  Home Carer
Jacqueline Donlin Home Carer
Deborah Home Carer
Sarah Mackay Home Carer
Nicole Brown Home Carer
Joanna Gillan Home Carer
Nicole Brown  Home carer - Reablement 
Jacqueline Monteith  Home Carer
Helen  Home Carer
Karen Joyce Home Carer
Moira Traynor  Home Carer
Claire Inglis Home Carer
Susan Griffin Carer
Senga Lynch Home Carer
Sharon Weir Enhanced Home Carer 
Margaret  Kelly  Carer (Mainstream)
KellyAnne O’Donnell Home Carer
Janice Kinghorn Home Carer
Debbie Keaveney  Home Carer
Catherine  Bain Home Carer
Rena Kidson Home Carer
Anne Russell Home Carer
Marina Mcqueer  Carer
Anne Reeves  Senior Carer
Anne Galbraith  Carer
Helen  Home Carer
Maureen Olone Home Care Coordinator
Aaron Duncan  Support Worker
Julie Anson Home Carer
Fozia Ahmed  Carer
Lynn  Home Carer
Joan Maccallum Home Carer
Sharon Hannah  Home Carer
Jane Collins  Home Carer
Marie Hamilton  Home Carer
Linda  Home Carer
Denise Irvine Home Carer
Karen Reid Reablement Home Carer
Tracey Campbell  Home Carer
Sharon Stewart Home Carer
Elaine Wallace Home Carer
Michelle Mcbride  Home Carer
Myra Moore Home Carer
Jane Killin Home Carer
Stacey  Senior Nurse Care Assistant 
Helen Kelly Home Carer
Lorraine Dobbie  Carer
Josephine Kernachan Cleaner
Pauline Lochrie  First Response Home Carer
Ann Gaughan  Home Carer
Susanna M Lamont Carer
Lorraine Krystyna Kinlan  Home Carer
Fiona Luporini-McCarthy Home Carer
Karen Barron Care Assistant
Stuart Gizzi Carer
Stella McCormick First Responder
Sharon Agnew  Supported Living Home Care 
Catherine Coyle  Home Care
Amanda Green  Coordinator Home Care 
Debbie Williamson  Domestic Worker
Louise Home Carer
Lynn Mair  Home Care
Caroline McGowan Carer
Roseann Ritchie  Home Carer
Linda Watters Home Carer
Rosemary Smith  Carer
Bridget  Care Assistant
Lorraine Davidson  Home Carer
Stacy Dunn Carer
Shirley Jamieson Home Carer
Tracy Baird Care Assistant
 Clair Hynds  Responder
Michelle Shearer  Carer
Elizabeth Abbott Home Carer
Jane Mitchell Home Carer
Jackie Cuthbertson Carer
Iris Lennon Home Carer
Melissa Boyd  Home Carer
Sara Home Carer
Angela McLeod Care Assistant
Lynne Young Home Carer
Nicola Mulrooney  Home Carer
Anne Marie McLeod  Social Care Assistant
Dianne Kelly Home Carer
Marion Shaw Home Carer
Andrea Darling Carer
Anne Duinn Care Assistant
Caroline Beck  Care Assistant
Joan Ahern Catering assistant 
Claire Robertson  Nursing Assistant
Marie Kilpatrick  Home Carer
Pauline Honest  Home Carer
Angela Crosbie  Care Assistant
Elaine Ellis  Home Carer
Sarahjane Smith Home Carer
Elaine Mcintyre HSCP carer
Moira Donnelly Supported Living
Eleanor Williams  Care Assistant
Lorraine Cairns  Carer
Margaret O'Neill Childcare Practitioner
Lorraine Menzies  Home Carer
David Livingstone Principle Care Assistant 
Jacqueline Trotter Carer
Audrey Cook Senior Care Assistant
Anne Anderson  Carer
Colin Watson  Home Carer
Sheila Home Carer
Jean Mcinally Home Carer
Allison Burns Home Carer
William Leishman Social Care Worker
Chelsea Ballard  Home Care
Cheryl Deegan  Home Carer
Morag Mcshane Home Support Worker
Christine Stewart Home Care Support Worker
Gemma G Home Carer
Josephine Richardson Personal Home Carer
Janet McDade Home Care
Rita Mcintyre Home Support Worker
Robert Lowry  Home Carer
Elaine Telfer Home Support Worker
Liz Robertson  Home Support Worker
Rose Mcmillan  Home Carer
Richard Mussenden Home Carer
Dorma Martin  Care at Home Worker 
Heather Hill Home Carer
Helen Mcgrath Home Carer
Morag Weir  Home Carer
Agnes Walker Carer
Kim Mcconnell  Home Carer
Janice Home Carer
Janet Mclean Home Carer
Dalenna Robertson  Home Carer
Jacqueline Rapson  Home Carer
Louise Murray  Care Worker
Annmarie Brown Home Carer
Marilyn Little  Home Carer
Elizabeth Rice Augmented Carer
Cheniece Meechan  Night shift Carer Assistant
Susan Greer Home Carer
June Finlay  Home Carer
Anne Marie Doherty Crombie Home Carer
Jane Short  Home Carer
Liz Hassan Home Carer
Susan Collins Home Carer
Rona Mathieson  Home Carer
Carolann Stevenson  Home Carer
Lauren Crombie Home Carer
Janet Porter Home Support Worker
Robert Adair  Home Carer
Lynn Mcgrath  Home Carer
Liz Hutcheson Home Carer
Ishbel Barbour Home Carer
Elaine Home Carer
Sarah McGrath  Home Carer
Mary Home Carer
Michelle Carson Home Carer
Elaine McKay Augmented Home Carer
Margaret Halpin Home Carer
Wilma Kennedy Care Home Manager
Teresa Mccallum  Carer
Yvonne Gallacher  Home Care
Jane Thornton  Home Support Worker
Patricia Wortley  Home Carer
Anne Marie Williams Home Carer
Margo Mulholland  Carer
Rose Buntine Home Care
Linda Coleman Home Carer
Diane McDonald Home Support Worker
Elizabeth Edmonds  Home Carer
Lorraine Brolly  Home Carer
Dianne McCabe Home Support Worker
Nicola Tait  Home Carer
Elizabeth Fullerton  Home Support Worker
Agnes Kerr Home Carer
June Mcconnachie Home Support Worker (Carer)
Theresa Home Carer
Yvonne Knox Seager Home Carer
Denise  Care Assistant
Liz Kerr Home Carer
Kare McDowall Home Carer
Yvonne Hamilton Home Carer
Suzanne Scullion Carer
Rosemary Stewart Home Carer
Jacqueline Thompson Augmented Home Carer
Lyndsey Neilson  Responder 
Gail Sarah Atkinson  Care Assistant
Shoni Courtney  Augmented Home Carer
Jennifer Gillies Augmented Carer
Gayle Augmented Home Carer
Angela McDonald  Care Assistant
Linda Llacon Augmented Carer
Moira Crighton  Home Support Worker
Janette Macmillan Home Carer
Razieh Tabatabaeyan   
Laura Bryan  Support Worker
Violet  Carer
Patricia Sutherland  Home Carer
Margaret Delaney Home Carer
Lee Swan Support Worker
Fiona Dean Home Carer
Julie Mclaren Home Carer
Annmarie Morran Home Carer
Susan Taylor Home Carer
Sheena Rollo  Home Carer
Shona MacDermid  Home Carer
Anne Marie Gillen  Home Carer
Alison Mcintyre Home Support 
Laura Home Care Support Worker
Linda Skivington Home Carer
Leanne Friel  Carer 
Gillian  Home Carer 
Jill McCann  Augmented Home Carer 
Patricia McCartney  Home 1st Carer
Carolanne Brand  Home Carer 
Donna MacLean  Home Carer
Iain Gallacher Home Carer
Morag Mccarron Home Carer
Kathleen Sinclair  Home Carer 
Shona Murray Home Carer
Mary Murdoch Carer
Elaine Macfarlane Staff Nurse
Helen Cairney  Carer
Rosemary Creswell  Home Carer 
Helen Jenkins Home Carer
Rae Mcintyre  Augmented Carer
Shiona Thomson Home Carer
Angela Skivington Home Carer
Donna Hopkins  Home Carer
Debbie Mcgrath  Home Carer
Elizabeth Miller  Home Carer
Claire Johnsen Home Carer
Jessie Dunnachie Home Carer
Lynda Scott  Home Carer
Anne O'Donnell Home Carer
Mary Reablement home carer 
Theresa Dalziel  Home Carer 
Helen Reablement home care
Patricia Smith  Home Carer
Anne Marie Nelson Home Carer
Eileen  Home Carer
Sarah Care Assistant 
Andrew  NT
Diane Burns Home Carer
Jean O'Neill Carer
Ann Lang Home Carer
Lisa Boyd  Home Carer
Marian Stewart Nightshift Home Carer
Lisa Boyd  Home Carer First Response 
Julie McPhater Home Carer
Julienne Cox Home Carer
Helen Reid  Home Carer
Elaine Milne  Carer Support Worker
Sarah MacPherson Support Worker
Diane Daly Social Care Worker
Annemarie Gallagher  Home Carer
Isabell Black Home Carer
Lyndsey Clark  Enhanced Home Carer
Deborah Finnigan  Home Carer
Tracy Sutherland Home Carer
Robina Best  Home Carer
Lisa Clark Home Carer
Susan Tennant Home Carer
M. Reid Child Development Officer
Lesleyann Darroch  Carer
Tracey Smith  Home Carer
Laura Mackie Care Assistant
Dorothy Blackett Home Carer
Helen Home Carer
Sandra Mulhoy Home Carer
Linda Cullen Home Carer
Pauline O’Neill  Home Carer
Roseanne Byrne  Home Carer
Carol Ann Carson Carer
Lesley Aziz Home Carer
Shirley Furie Sheltered Housing Supervisor
Maria Kane Kane
Nicola Dempster Home Carer
Bernadette Dougan Home Carer
Rosanne Quigley  Home Support Worker
Sheila Petrie Home Carer
Joan Carroll RMN Nurse
Dorothy Ellis Social Care Officer
Scott Wilson  Sheltered Housing Warden
Sandra Murphy  Home Carer
Mags Muir Social Care Officer
Sandra Murray Unit Manager
Mary McKay Enablement/Response Social Care Officer
Susan McGill Home Carer
Joanne Tait Home Carer
Clair Gallie Home Carer
Joyce Campbell  Home Carer
Kayleigh McAdam Home Carer
Lesley Butler Home Carer
Carol Lindsay Home Carer
Margaret Hattan Home Carer
Tracey Home Carer
Christina  Social Care Worker
Anthony Mclaren Carer
Christine Mcglin  Home Carer
Gagandeep Kaur First Response Home Carer
Louise Beck  Home Carer
Jacqueline Thornton  Home Carer
Tricia Kelly Home Carer
Alison Herson Home Care Assistant 
Emma McMahon Home Carer
Lorraine Kennedy Social Care Worker
Anne Crosbie Home Carer
Sandra Johnston  Carer
Sharon Home Carer
Jacqueline Smith Home Carer
Rita Mccrory First Response Home Carer
Dinah Burns Home Carer
Jaymi Lee Linning  Home Carer
Linda Watters  Carer
Sharon Auld  Home Carer
Siobhan Campbell  Home Carer
Rosemarie McNally Home Carer
Elizabeth Brown  Home Carer
Pamela  Home Carer
Jacqueline Sweeney Enhanced Home Carer
Marie Walsh Home Carer
Gillian McCallum Home Carer
Kim Home Carer
Myra Wilson Home Carer
Donna Campbell  Sheltered Housing Supervisor
Anne Martin Home Carer
Catherine Keegan  Home Carer
Romina Bidarvand   
Lily Bradley  Home Carer
Eleanor Nixon  Retired Home Carer
Margaret Jessiman Home Carer
Ann Wilson Home Carer
Elaine Bryce Home Carer
Kerrie Cassells  Home Carer
Claire Duncan Home Carer
Natalie Stewart  Social Care Assistant
Louise Elborn  Home Carer
Carol Smyth Home Carer
Margaret Carson Home Carer
Alexandra M Home Carer
Nadine mM Home Carer
Lynne Young Home Carer
Isabel Callaghan  Home Carer
Suad Noor  Home Carer
Rosemary McNicol  Home Care Assistant 
Angela Cullen  Home Carer
Carolanne Condron Home Carer
Brenda Ferguson  Home Carer
Kirsty Livingston  Home Carer
Agnes Brown  Home Carer
Nicola Smith  Home Carer
Denise Renfrew Home Carer
Jacqueline Welsh Home Carer
Angela Park  Mainstream Carer
Kathleen Foy  Home Carer
Jacqueline Copeland  Home Carer
Janice O’kane  Home Carer
Jeanette Mcfarlane Home Carer
Susan Marnie Social Care Worker
Julia Mc Garrell Home Carer
Angela Mc Lean Home Carer
Isabella Addison Home Carer
Nicola Carlyle Sheltered Housing Warden
Jennifer Fell Home Carer
Cassandra Curran Home Carer
Joyce Morris Social Care Worker
Kathleen McPhilemy Home Carer
Marie Obrien Carer
Pauline Morrison Home Carer
Kathleen Lang  Operational Support Home Care 
Sandra  Home Carer
Jacqueline Monteith  Home Carer
Linda Glendinning  Home Carer
Sheena Martin Social Care Officer
Sandra Wilson Carer
Bernadette Donnelly Home Carer
Rhonda Cunningham Responder (alarms) 
Elizabeth Sinclair  Home Carer
Liz Jamieson Home Carer
Ann Marie Brittain  Home Carer
Ina Finlayson Home Carer
Austra Ciekure  Home Carer
Yvonne Conn Home Carer
Maria Watters Transport and People Support Worker
Marjory O hara Home Carer
Michelle Lennie  Home Carer
Jane Milne  Home Carer
Carol McGowan  First Response Home Carer
Patricia Howie Home Carer
Catherine Bain Home Carer
Janice McPherson  Home Carer
Sharon Weir Home Carer
Michelle Brady Home Carer
Donna Petrie  Driver
Maria Mcnulty Home Carer and SLW
Kim Lochhead Home Carer
Janice Boyle Reablement Home Carer
Craig Mackenzie  Home Carer
Catherine Hardie Home Carer
David Corr  Home Carer
Lynn Lamont  Reablement Home Carer
Stephen Winning Home Carer
Alexandra Thomson  Home Carer
John Wells Sheltered Housing Warden
Linda Miller Home Carer
Shirley Jamieson Carer
Michelle McKechnie Home Carer
Catherine Moore  Home Carer
Angela Hamill  Home Carer
Danielle Trainer  Reablement Home Carer
Margaret Pringle Home Carer
Stacey Docherty  Responder
Georgina Leadbitter  Home Carer
Catherine Murdoch  Home Carer
Christine Hudson Home Carer
Catherine Findlay Home Carer
Linda Fitzpatrick  Social Care Worker
Margaret Morrice Home Carer
Alison Mccoll Home Carer
Jacqueline Collins Home Carer
Danielle Lauder Home Carer
Liz Hume Home Carer
Dianne Mcguire  Home Carer
Tracy Lamb Home Carer
Kelly Randles Home Carer
Margaret Ann Mitchell  Home Carer (First Response)
Mary Miller Home Carer
Sharon Wilson Home Carer
Liz Home Carer
Amanda Coleman Social Care Worker
Lesley McGill  Home Carer
Lynsey Ferguson  Home Carer
Irene Murdoch Home Carer
Helen Clyde Reablement Home Carer
Ethel Canning Home Carer
Patricia Conroy  Home Carer
Deborah Rafferty Home Carer
Surinder Kaur Home Carer
Angela Leary Transport and Support Worker
Janet Walker  Home Carer
Liz Boath Retired
Lesley Blake Home Carer
Shaunie  Home Carer
George Turner  Transport and Support Worker 
Asees Hera Social Care Assistant Nights
Danielle Bonini Home Carer
Mary Ferns Home Carer
Caroline Coyle  Home Carer
Sharon Mcrae Home Carer
Michelle Mcgill Home Carer
Elaine Ainsworth  Home Carer
Kevin Masson Cleaning Team Leader
Kim Mcconnell Home Carer
Pat Stewart Home Carer
Jacqueline Hashim Home Carer
Anne Marie McLeod  Residential Social Care Assistant Night Shift 
Tracey Home Carer
Gulnaz Qadri  Home Carer
Lorraine Mullen Home Carer
Margaret Symington  Home Care Worker
Elsie Sheppard Social Care Officer
Debbie Reilly  Home Carer
Joyce Mehigan  Home Carer
Sandra Findlay Home Carer
Anne Stark Home Carer
Jacqueline Mcquade Home Carer
Susan Alexander Home Carer
Lisa Social Care Worker
Andrew Parker Home Carer
Jill Clark  Social Care Worker
Rob Gallagher Wellbeing Coordinator
Ann McCabe Social Care Officer
Sandra Wright Home Carer
Annbulger  Home Carer
Karen Quinn  Home Carer
Mandy  Hamilton  Home Carer
Diane Hunter Social Care Worker Home Care
Fiona Kelly Home Carer
Marcy Donachie Home Carer
Michelle Home Carer
Roberta Reid Carer
Lorraine Davidson  Home Carer
Lorna Adams Social Care Worker
Deborah Galbraith  Home Carer
Lesley Anne Campbell Enhanced Home Carer/Nightshift 
Aluson Houston Home Carer
Sharon Gillespie  Home Carer
Marina Morton  Carer
Lyndsay Espener Lynn Home Carer
Mary Young  Home Carer
Amina Pambu  Carer
Susan Ross Nightshift Carer
Luis Home Carer
Margaret Jackson Social Care Worker HWC
Dianne Brown Social Care Worker
Rita Johnstone  Home Carer
Linda Robinson Home Carer - Reablement
Linda Ferrara  Social Care Worker
Catherine Mcdonald Home Carer
Patricia Russell Home Carer
Iris Lennon Home Carer
Margaret Knight Home Carer
Arlene Fiddes Social Care Worker
Louise Higgins Mainstream Home Carer 
Cheryl Mcgurk  Home Carer
Ally Rutherford Social Care Officer
Christina Ewing Home Carer
Jean Brown Retired Nurse NHS and Private sector
Joan Kelly Home Carer
Liz Anderson Carers Centre Worker
Leanne Moran Alarms Responder
Louise Mcbride  Home Carer
Carroll Brown Home Carer
Melissa Mclaughlin  Home Carer
Helen Mcewan Social Care Worker
Simon Social Care Worker
Elizabeth Hannah  Home Carer
Ian Stevenson  Sheltered Housing Supervisor
Alison ORourke  Home Carer - Enablement
Michelle Harkins Home Carer
Joanne Galloway  Home Carer
Charlie Stirton Social Care Worker
Karen Cairns  Home Carer
Jackie Wright  Home Carer
Tracy Bentley  Social Care Worker
Samantha Stirling Home Carer
Anne McKee Home Carer
Angela McLean Home Carer
Sylwia Kalinowska  Nightshift Carer 
Diane McDade Home Carer
Lauren Hood Social Care Worker
Kevin Owens  Social Worker 
Stephanie Henry Home Carer
Frances Willis Social Care Worker Home Care
Anne Marie Ross Retired Home Care Worker
Angela Murphy Home Carer
Marianne Rutt  Social Care Officer
Brenda Lyden Home Carer
Kelly MacQueen  Staff Nurse
Sharon M Reablement Carer
Hayley Forrest Social Care Officer
Audrey Bell Home Carer
Angela Kidd Care Assistant
Anne marie Connell  Home Carer
Robert Nisbet Home Carer
Gail Coutts Social Care Worker
Lorna Reeves Home Carer
Stephanie Riddick  Home Carer
Lynne Urquhart Social Care Officer Community Alarms
Stacey Hamill  Reablement Home Carer
Pauline Dickson Home Carer
Sheila Petrie Social Care Worker
Stacey Reablement Home Carer 
Margaret Lowson  Home Care Worker
Thomas Gray  Social Care Worker
Jacqueline Craig  Care Home
Stacey Bridges Care Home
Fiona Webster  Social Care Officer
Norman McKay Social Care Officer
Lynda Caldwell  Social Care Worker
Val Crockart Social Care Officer
Anita Stuart Social Care Assistant
Claire McArthur  Home Care Co Ordinator 
Louise McMahon Home Carer
Margaret Davidson  Social Care Worker
Linda McWilliam Home Carer
Lesley Lamb  Domestic 
Fiona Pearson Care Assistant
Sylvie Ngakou  Social Care Assistant
Billy Robertson SCO
Audrey Toshney  Carer 
Gillian Hamilton Home Carer
Jade Mitchell Home Carer
Linda Wilson Social Care Worker
Monica  Community Carer
Jamie Thomson Transport and Support Worker
Catie Holland Home Carer
Elizabeth Peters  Care Assistant
Michelle McDonald  Service Supervisor
Vicky Ross  Home Carer
Debbie Paton Home Carer
Liesl jane Rust Service Supervisor 
Michelle Mooney  Home Carer
Angela Dickson Care and Support Worker 
Susan Guyan Care Support Sorker
Roz Cruickshank Support Worker
Adelia McEwan  Nurse
Fiona Luporini-McCarthy Home Carer
Eberechi Igwegbu  Home Carer
George MCGarrigle Transport Support Worker 
Caroline Ritchie  Home Carer
Eileen Smith Retired Care
Craig Brown Les Driver
Lorraine Kelly Home Carer
Simone Bjorkelund  Support Worker
Moira Traynor  Home Carer
Toni Brewer Home Carer
Ewelina  Social Care Assistant
Margaret Rodger Home Carer
Michelle Venneri Social Care Assistant
Joanna Nawloka-Kraszewska  Support Worker in Community 
Mary Cunningham Home Carer
Catherine Samson  Carer
Pauline Gibb  Social Care Officer
Jeanette Abercromby  Home Carer
Caroline  Home Carer
Gillian Home Carer
Emma Kinney Home Carer
Lesley Mackinnon First Response Home Carer 
Karen Home Carer
Jonathan Hay  Support Worker
Diane Home Carer
Caroline Joiner Home Carer
Hazel Miche Care at Home Worker
Susan Westland Support Worker
Tracey Smith  Home Carer
Mary McCulloch Reablement Home Carer
May Hutton  Social Care Worker
Sonya Glenister  Home Care
Karen Carr Hospital Discharge 
Gillian Milne  Social Care Worker (nights)
Linda Templeton Home Carer
Janice Kinghorn Home Carer
Patricia McAughtrie Home Carer
Eunice Mckechnie  Home Carer
Karen Dawson Senior Care Officer
Margaret Hamilton  Home Carer
Annette Ballantyne Social Care Officer
Joan Bleakley Home Carer
Dawn Anne Reid Social Care Worker
Linda Campbell Home for the Elderly Cleaner 
Donna Finnegan Social Care Worker
Jacqueline Leslie  Home Care
Janette Wales  Social Care Worker
John Shields  Driver
Amanda Fairley  Home Carer
Jacqueline Gaffney Home Carer
Lorraine Krystyna Kinlan  Home Carer
Wendy Adams Social Care Worker
Aji Home Carer
Tracey SCW
Danielle Hamilton Social Care Worker
Linda Mccluskey Social Care Assistant
Deborah Boyle Home Carer
Ashley Black Home Carer
Lesley SCW
Laura Home Carer
Liz Crosbie Home Carer
Catherine Mc Kenzie  Retired Home Carer
Patricia Grant Home Carer
Karen Graham  Home Carer
Teresa Home Carer
Eunice Forsyth Home Care
Pearl Lewis  Home Carer
Teresa McGuire  Home Carer
Shelley Crossan Home Carer
Margaret Hughes Home Care
Ian W. Meikle Former Carer
Sharon Lowrie Reablement
Catherine Hardie  Rehab/Home Care
Elaine Johnston Home Carer
Margaret Brennan-Can Home Carer
Sharon Findlay Home Carer
Clare Allan Social Care Officer
Ruth Milne Support Worker within Care setting
Narinder Kaur Home Care
Gloria Smith Support Worker
Margaret Davidson  Home Care
Alice McIntyre Home Carer
Sandra Craig  Home Carer
Kelly  Home Carer
Eleanor  Home Carer
Kelly Ross  Home Carer
Liz Kerr Home Carer
Amy Crossan Home Carer
Kathleen Gilmartin  Home Carer
George Welsh Home Carer
Lillian Hunter Home Carer
Monika Social Care Worker
Tracy Moreton Social Care Worker
Isabel Ronald Home Carer
Denise Hay Carer
Maggie Lees Home Carer
Roseanne Russell Carer
Angeline Moir Night Support Worker 
John C Scott Home Carer
Deborah Hurst Care Worker
Alison Allison  Home Carer
Wilma Telford Home Carer
Laura McGibbon  Home Carer
June Smith Social Care Worker
Gaynor Byrne Carer
Nancy Murray Home Carer
Carol Carton Residential Childcare Worker
Clara Ayinde  Carer
Dorothy Byrne Reablement Carer
Allison Dickson  Support Worker
Rosemarie Kearney Home Carer
Pauline Morton Night Support Worker 
Francoise Houston Home Care Mainstream
Mary Mcintyre Nightshift Co-ordinator
Agnes Wilson  Home Carer
Nicola Smillie Home Carer
Michelle Maitland Home Carer
Sheena Home Carer
Ruth Milne Care Assistant
Jakki Pollock Mainstream Home Carer 
Anne Bell Home Carer
Fiona Tobin Social Care Officer
Renata Bastianelli  Home Care Worker
Amanda Home Carer
Connie Duncan Home Carer
Tracey Harris Home Carer