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Claims Lodged For Cordia Home Care Staff

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Claims Lodged For Cordia Home Care Staff Over Non-Standard Working Hours Pay

GMB Scotland has today (Wednesday 8 March) lodged claims with the ACAS Early Conciliation Service for 160 Glasgow home care workers over the misaward of non-standard working time points affecting contractual pay.

GMB believes that staff at Glasgow City Council (GCC) arms length organisation Cordia have been wrongfully graded for their non-standard working pattern (NSWP) hours, currently scored at 19 points as opposed to 21 points.

NSWP requires home carers to work more than seven hours at the weekend, to work outside of the hours of 6AM and 8PM and to be available for recall at the behest of the service.

GMB estimates that the pay detriment as a result of the misaward is worth over £1,400 to affected staff but Cordia senior management have so far refused to settle the claim and last year kicked-out a collective grievance submitted by GMB.

A failure to achieve a resolution at ACAS will result in the claim going to an Employment Tribunal.

GMB Scotland’s Glasgow Branch Secretary Rhea Wolfson said: “Cordia’s failure to resolve this detriment to our members’ pay means we have been left with no choice but to pursue justice through the formal legal channels.

Our members – the vast majority of whom are women – work on a daily basis to ensure the infirm in our community are properly cared for and able to live at home with dignity for as long as possible.

If this is how much Cordia values its workers then how much do they value their service users? If we want professional levels of care then we need to start properly recognising and rewarding care workers as the professionals that they are.

Our priority is the defence of our members’ interests and we are absolutely determined to do all we can to ensure they receive the proper levels of pay for their vital work and skills.”


Contact: GMB Scotland Glasgow Branch Secretary Rhea Wolfson on 07976 022663 or Peter Welsh, GMB Scotland Communications, on 07976  447077.