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Statement on Scottish Labour Leadership

Friday, September 29, 2017

GMB Scotland submits supporting nomination for Richard Leonard

Following a meeting of the GMB Scotland Executive Committee in Edinburgh earlier today, GMB Scotland has submitted its supporting nomination in the Scottish Labour Leadership contest in favour of Richard Leonard.  
GMB Scotland Secretary Gary Smith said:

“Richard has a long standing association with our trades union, as a member and as a dedicated organiser for nearly twenty years.  As we said previously, Richard is a champion for workers' and trades union rights, Richard's track record is second to none and he is highly respected by our members across the country.

Richard has been a principled and consistent supporter of Labour's vital link with the trades unions and we will encourage GMB Scotland members who support Labour and want to be involved in this election to have their say.  
The interests of our members will always drive our union’s relationship with Scottish Labour and we look forward to a positive and optimistic campaign.”